Attn: Men who want to Last Longer in Bed tonight
“Renowned Sexologist Shares Her 
Top 3 Tips For 
Lasting Longer In Bed Tonight…”
“Ugh… Looks like I married a minute man”
It was David and Natalie’s honeymoon night. 

And the look of disgust in Natalie’s eyes said it all.

David had failed his new bride and there was nothing he could do about it.
With previous girlfriends, he had tried EVERYTHING, yet was unable to last even a few minutes.
Nothing worked. 

Now, as you can imagine, David was in hell. Mentally and emotionally.

His sense of failure as a man was overwhelming.

Two weeks later, after they arrived home, Natalie did the unthinkable. 

She filed for divorce--behind his back!

The cause of action? “Irreconcilable differences.” 

She left without even a kiss.

It gets worse.

His new wife's rejection triggered something horrifying in him.

He began to wish he didn’t even want sex anymore.

His libido was making his life hell so he knew what he wanted to do…

He Would Take His Dick Out Of Action. 
That's Right… Chemical Castration.
Hi, my name is Caitlin V and I’ve been told I’m one of the top sexologists and sex coaches in the world.
My goal today is to share with you something that has the power to change not just your sex life, but maybe your entire life.

Just like it changed David’s, once he tried it.

Today, I’m going to show you one simple technique to last as long as you want in bed.

Not 20 minutes. Not 30 minutes. But as long as you want.

I call my breakthrough technique: 

“Release, Reclaim, and Re-connect.”
R3 for short.

It’ll change how you look at premature ejaculation forever.

Read every word on this page and I GUARANTEE you can:
  • End premature ejaculation for good...
  • Prolong ejaculation...
  • Have loads of energy & endurance
  • Way more stamina
  • Far less worry & stress
  • Incredible sexual relationships
  • The ability to revive relationships that have gone stale...
  • And you'll stop performance anxiety dead in its tracks...
Ultimately, lasting long enough to have your woman not only reaching orgasm through sex, but…

... begging you for more.

In other words, your woman is going to be riding your joystick all night long.

Maybe for the first time in your life... 

You’ll be able to come when you want...
In the process, you reclaim your confidence, your self-esteem, your self-worth as a man. 

And reconnect with your woman in the deepest, most sexually satisfying ways.

You’ll notice women everywhere beginning to look at you with new lust-filled eyes.

They Want You Inside Them. 
And Who Are You To Deny Them?
Now, I’ve studied the matter academically for 15 years and I’ve learned there’s nothing worse for a man’s ego, than not being able to control himself when it matters.

Not being able to control your ability to get hard, stay hard and then ejaculate when the moment is right.

I’m told just the thought of it makes it difficult even to approach a woman.

The doubt. The fear. The unbearable shame.

These are the negative thoughts and self-talk that can run through a guy’s mind just before almost any kind of sexual interaction.

The result?

What Should Be The Most Intimate Of Moments... 
With Sexy, Beautiful Women... Is Destroyed.
Sometimes, forever.

Maybe what’s worse are the snarky comments afterward...
  • “You’re so selfish. I can’t even believe it.”
  • “When you learn how to use that thing properly, call me.”
  • “You’re a pathetic excuse for a man.”
  • ​“What a loser. I hope your NEXT girlfriend enjoys your wet noodle.”
Ouch. That hurts.

Insecurities like these can crush a man.

I know. I help men around the world who struggle being able to please a woman in bed.

And as a sexologist, I’ve helped hundreds of men privately about this particular issue.

It’s incredible, but studies show that as many as 30% of ALL men struggle with PE.

I think it may be more.

But what is premature ejaculation? Well...

Definitions vary greatly, even among scientists.

Some say under 30 seconds of penetration, some say two minutes.

My definition is simple:

Premature ejaculation is ejaculating before you and your partner are ready.
Simple, right?

Yet, early on in my career, there was one gentleman who was the spark... who was the catalyst... for the sexual control breakthrough I’m about to share with you now.

It not only changed David’s life when he first tried it, but since I first discovered it, it’s changed countless other men’s lives, too.

My unique, totally invisible-to-the-woman method... instead of being a frustrating, almost shameful experience... transforms into one that creates
Orgasmic Amounts of Sexual Pleasure...
For Both Of You.
Pretty powerful, right?

Now, the one thing that doesn't work, but everybody thinks it does is... "focusing on something else." 

Doing math in your head, staring at the wallpaper, reciting affirmations, none of that works.

It’s a myth. 

This simple R3 technique I’ve developed flies in the face of what you’ve been told before.
  • You’ll be 100% present, enjoying every orgasmic moment (instead of focusing on performance anxiety, hoping you won’t disappoint her. Or numbing your manhood to fight the sensations.)
  • You get hard, stay hard and last longer...
  • Your shame, frustrations and insecurities vanish...
  • Your connection with your partner deepens as you satisfy her, time after time...
  • No more mental gymnastics or thinking about anything other than how pleasurable it is having a woman in your arms with her legs wrapped around you...
  • No more psyching yourself out, only to come too fast...
  • You have the sexual stamina of a porn star, lasting as long as you want in bed...
The beauty of R3 is it does not require you “revisiting your story”. 

In other words, verbally describing or talking about the traumatic experience that is often the trigger for a life of premature ejaculation is not needed.

My private clients absolutely RAVE about this method, everyone I’ve ever shared this with has said something to the effect of 
“Wow Caitlin, I didn’t know it could be this simple!”
In fact, here’s what some guys actually say:
  • “I could barely even penetrate. Today, I can last longer than my girlfriend. Which pleases her no end.”
  • “I’ve been through several dozen girlfriends, all because of PE. Caitlin, your method has given me new hope.”
  • “I was that guy in American Pie who jizzed his pants. But with your techniques, I can look into my girl’s eyes and watch her eyes roll back as she orgasms. I feel like a rockstar!”
  • “Even with a rager, I can still control myself. It’s a phenomenal feeling. Especially when you see your girl walking a little funny the next morning.”
The method works for guys who suffer from premature ejaculation, performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

Your “issues” vanish, even after trying it one time.

Now, I know my claims seem rather bold, but you need to experience what I have witnessed.

Guys have literally transformed before my eyes.

They go from being shy. Embarrassed. Insecure. Afraid.

To being assertive, confident. Cocky, even.

And attractive. Definitely attractive.

Inside and outside the bedroom.

You know that silent swagger you see in some guys as they walk into a room? 

Trust me, read this page, follow my instructions, and you’re about to experience that for yourself.

Just like these guys...

“Caitlin, with your method, at 35 years old, the doors of sexual adventure have finally opened. I feel like I’m making up for lost time now, sounds like a cliche but women are throwing themselves at me. They probably were before but I never saw it because I was too focused on my shame. That’s history now.”

“I used to have extreme anxiety, thinking I wasn’t good enough or worthy. Working with Caitlin did NOT FEEL like work! It was a joy to communicate with Caitlin. Once I started doing “homework” things became fun… LOL a LOT of FUCKING FUN. Walk together with Caitlin. She will touch your heart and mind.”

“It’s so weird. Not being able to get it up because you’re afraid to fuck it up and then once you do get it up, you can’t control yourself blow your load. I’m so glad I never have to deal with that anymore.”
Like I said, my name is Caitlin V. 

Compared to other people in this profession, my backstory is kinda bizarre.

I absolutely knew from a young age that I was going to help people have amazing sex and relationships.
As a teenager, I would sit in the "adult" section of bookstores and libraries reading whatever I could get my hands on, from science to smut and everything in between.
All my peers called me to ask for relationship advice or to talk about sex. 
I declared my major as "sexologist" when I was still in high school. I dreamed of spending every day helping people enjoy sex and relationships.
Today I live my dream, helping men and women all over the world have better sex.
I help people build confidence, gain skills, discover themselves, create intimacy, increase self-esteem and live better lives... in and outside of the bedroom.
That all said, I made it all the way to my doctoral degree and had 10 letters behind my name before I felt so boxed in by empirical science that I decided to break out and become a sex coach.
And as a coach, I have dedicated my life to helping others enjoy sex more and experience more pleasure.

But nothing prepared me for David, he was just like you. Except maybe worse.
David Had Tried Everything 
To Cure His PE Problem...
He'd been dealing with it for 12 long years and nothing he tried--from medication to yoga and therapy--had helped. 

It ruined his relationships with women.

At 27 years old, he had been battling premature ejaculation since he first had sex at 15. 

His marriage didn’t last a month.

He was considering chemical castration, in other words taking drugs that kill the libido and end your desire for sex at all. 

For 12 long years, David had faced nothing but 
Loneliness, Frustration, 
Rejection And Embarrassment...
These feelings of inadequacy spilled over into his work life, which also made financial success rather elusive as well.

I recall the first time we sat down.

He quietly, almost under his breath, said:
“When it comes to the bedroom, I’m pretty much a fucking loser. I literally am. At times, I want to do the unthinkable.”
I was shocked. 

Wow, my heart went out to him. I could only imagine how that feels.

I mean imagine wanting to please a woman, to give her what she wants sexually. You love her with all your heart.

Imagine her, being led to the bedroom with the highest of hopes and expectations.
She’s Thinking She’s Going To 
Get Fucked Like A Ragdoll...
And then what was supposed to be a night of orgasmic magic and fireworks.. It all unravels.

What’s left is shame, resignation and frustration.

David had tried everything and now he was sitting in front of me, looking for a ray of hope in my eyes.

Candidly, until I uncovered what you’re about to learn now, I was feverishly looking for an answer that worked.

What I admired about David was that he wouldn’t give up.

I’d come across a study that held promise and then we’d test it. 

Sometimes it worked, sometimes results were neutral and sometimes it didn’t help at all.

Despite setback after setback, he was resilient. 

See, in David’s case he knew all his plumbing worked. What he wasn’t so sure about was what was going on in his brain.

You see, most guys think PE is a physical problem. In rare cases it may be, but usually it’s something else.

Something far easier to correct but hidden behind myths and misconceptions like: “I have to focus on something else rather than enjoying the moment.”

If you think about it, that makes no sense.

Why would anyone want to limit the amount of 
sexual ecstasy they’re experiencing?
That’s just crazy talk.

And the good news for David and for thousands of other guys, WE ULTIMATELY FOUND THE ANSWER! Because...

Until now, you probably had 99% of the answer. But this is the missing 1%. 
R3 is the 1% that makes ALL the difference.
Every single man does this when he is close to having an orgasm and I'm gonna teach you exactly what you need to do to control it so you’ll never come too soon again.

So, what is the one thing that all men have in common?

It’s the same thing all orgasms have in common.

They are based on TENSION.

That's right, as you build your arousal, you build more and more tension in your body.

All that tension is centered around your genitals, but all of the muscle from your abs, to your thighs are involved in building and holding that tension.

So when you get close to climax, it’s that tension that pushes you over the edge.

So, how do you stop yourself from going over the edge?

R3 shows you how to control the amount of tension that you are holding.

Listen, it is impossible to reach orgasm without holding any muscle tension.

You just can't ejaculate when you are so totally relaxed.

That means you can use this to your advantage.

You can use this knowledge to get enough familiarity with your body and where it holds tension to prevent yourself from even being able to reach orgasm.

And I'm gonna teach you three super simple steps in order to get you there.

Tonight, that's right, you can put this into practice right now tonight, ok?

Are you ready?
Step number one of R3, is to notice where you store tension.
Everybody is a little bit different.

I have seen men who had to store tension in every muscle on their body, from their arms, all the way down to their feet to get to the point of ejaculation.

Most guys will find it's in your lower abs, your thighs, your glutes.

Basically the areas surrounding your genitals, but everyone is slightly different.

So, the next time you masturbate or have sex, just make mental notes.

Just notice, that's step number one.
Step 2, you consciously scan your muscles for tension, and release it.
I like to start at the top but you could start at the bottom and go in either direction. Checking in with each muscle group as you go.

So, check in with those abs. Are they holding tension?

If so, take a deep breath in and out and when you exhale, imagine you are actually releasing the tension that was stored up in those muscles and move on to the next muscle group.

Release that tension, let it go.

Remember, the more you focus on what's going on in your body, the longer you will last.

Part of the main cause of premature ejaculation is being in your head, instead of in your body.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, trust me I have worked with hundreds of men on this, in particular, it’s a matter of being connected to your body and knowing and feeling and being familiar with your arousal.

So, utilize that if you have the opportunity to.

And Step Three of R3, Do this on your own, so that you develop more and more body awareness.
In other words, practice it.

Remember… the more aware you are of what's happening in your body as you become aroused, the more you are able to control it.

Use this practice of remaining relaxed. 

Of consciously scanning your body and figuring out where you are holding tension to help you last longer while you are masturbating, so that you can last longer when you are in bed with a woman.
It's like driving a car: the harder 
you step on the gas the faster it goes.
So, experiment just the same way you did when you learned how to drive.

This is like the porn star’s secret to success, so that you can be sure to ejaculate when you want.

Once I discovered TENSION was the key that unlocks sexual intimacy for David, it was like this huge breakthrough not just for him, but for me as a sex coach.

What I’ve discovered is that while controlling the tension is key, there are all sorts of other PE-related nuances and personal issues that guys suffer with.

Remember: the main cause of premature ejaculation is being in your head, instead of in your body.
For instance, it sounds weird but the same guys who deal with premature ejaculation, also deal with not being able to get it up because of performance anxiety.

They’re worried about pleasing their woman.

Call it lack of confidence, fear of rejection, or maybe it’s shame about something, but it gets in the way of a night of amazing sex.

So what happens? Maybe the guy has a drink or smokes a joint and calms down and loosens up. 

But then you know what happens, right?

They can’t get hard at all!

And now, they can’t please the woman for a different set of reasons. Their chance is squandered because it takes hours for the drugs or alcohol to wear off.

Or they’re plagued with some sort of emotionally traumatic experience that happened a long time ago. 

Even after 10, 20 or 30 years, it still haunts them.

Sometimes, they’re not even consciously aware of it.

How does a guy deal with THAT?

Or maybe the worst one:
Just Exactly How The Hell Do You 
Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body? 
Guys as a rule, are famous for overanalyzing, overthinking everything, unable to stop thinking and start FEELING.

Even worse, they can’t get into the moment of it and synchronize their feelings with the woman’s.

So I decided to take my research, my experimentation, my coaching to a whole new level.

And I ultimately came up with a system... 

A complete method that addresses not only premature ejaculation, but also the issues men suffer that orbit around it and that have tentacles into it.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy.

I worked with many, many clients to perfect it. Too many to count.

At first, the results were, let’s say, hit and miss. A lot of trial and error.

Looking back, I understand why.

But after several year’s worth of modification, experimentation and tweaking, things started to click, I could comfortably and consistently count on my PE-busting method working.

Plus a ton of other benefits came out of that.

Client after client, guy after guy, would say things to me like...
“Caitlin, I’ve never been able to last longer than 5 minutes. But last night, I lasted long enough to watch my girl reach orgasm. Watching her in her moment of ecstasy was fantastic. First time ever!”
And husbands were equally grateful. They’d say things like:
“I thank you, if my wife knew, she’d thank you, too. You have an amazing gift.”
And guys with girlfriends and fiances were just blown away. They’d send me emails like this:
“Caitlin, I’ve had more than a few girlfriends. Unfortunately, they didn’t last because I couldn’t last. But with your methods, that’s all changed. Today I wield my cock like a Jedi lightsaber. Thank you!”
Today, I have hundreds of stories, testimonials and grateful clients.

So much so, I started getting referrals from EVERYWHERE.

My sex coaching practice took on a life of it’s own and after a little while, I decided to turn what I had discovered, what I had learned and what I had experienced into a product where guys could address their unique situation in the privacy of their own home.

Allow me to introduce you to…
Come When You Want
Control Ejaculation and Build 
Unshakable Confidence in the Bedroom.
Come When You Want is the ONLY METHOD method of its kind, guaranteed to stop premature ejaculation in its tracks.

No matter how long you’ve silently suffered, Come When You Want will show you how you can last as long as you want in bed.

There’s literally NOTHING on the market like this.

How do I know?
  • First, of course, that’s what all my clients and customers tell me.
  • Second, after helping guys for over a decade in a clinical capacity, no one has done as much scientific, painstaking research as I have on the subject...
  • And third, most courses, books and programs you see out there have been developed by guys. It’s true.
A guy who usually claims to have cracked the code, but all they’ve done is cracked their own code, thinking it applies to all guys.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

My other advantage is... I am a woman. As well as being a academically-trained sexologist and sex coach.

It’s been drilled into my head how to research, analyze and test a sexual problem scientifically as well as objectively.
And to be blunt? I’m betting I’ve had sex with more guys than YOU have. 
That means I have the benefit of noticing the nuances that hold men back from experiencing the best sex ever with a woman. 

These are critical details other guys would miss.

Yes, with Come When You Want, you can...
Last longer in bed, not 20 minutes longer, 
not 30 minutes longer, but as long as you want.
You see, one of the open secrets to doing that is to be able to have the masculine energy, the stamina and the self-control to last until you see her eyes roll into the back of her head... and she comes first.

Now, imagine being able to do that not just one time, but all night long.

Most guys who suffer from premature ejaculation have no idea what going all night long feels like.

Just imagine the unbridled passion and the sweat-soaked sheets as you collapse in each others arms...

Come When You Want is nothing like the other options and alternatives you may see out there. 

Alternatives like Botox injections, ultra-thick condoms, pharmaceutical drugs and numbing creams.

These other products are severely flawed. How? Well think about it.

If you’re artificially shutting down the sensitivity of your manhood, are you really getting the best sex ever?

Is she getting the best sex ever? Do you think that feels good to her?

Nope. No way. She may even be harmed by the topical medications.

The point is with artificial methods, neither of you are getting the full sexual stimulation experience.

You’re both missing out, big time.

However, with Come When You Want, you can not only last all night long, you’ll be able to...
Synchronize Your Orgasms Together!
Talk about sweet ecstasy! 

You’re going to blow her mind.

Why? First, a woman adores it when a man is control--and knows it.

But even more to the point, you already know you have the overwhelming sexual desire, the hyper-masculine power and intensity... that’s obvious, isn’t it?

Be honest with yourself, here. And give yourself some credit.

The only thing you need to do is be able to control it, be able to last, to hold on, until she orgasms.
To Come When YOU Want...
With Come When You Want, you decide. 

Each and every time.

I’m often told the sense of masculine power, knowing that you’re the one in control, the one who decides the amount of sexual pleasure she experiences, is quite empowering, quite exhilarating to a man.
I’ve received many wonderful testimonials, with comments like these:

Here’s one:
“My PE used to be so bad that it left me lonely, depressed, and anxious. But when I bought Come When You Want, I found myself learning about the different techniques to deal with PE. What’s cool is Caitlin not only helped me deal with the physical aspect of PE, but also the underlying anxiety and self-esteem issues.” 
Here’s another one:
“Before Come When You Want, I was lost. I didn’t know where to even begin. Caitlin, you helped me understand the dynamics behind my PE, and now I have a firm understanding of the situation. I can now act and respond to my PE appropriately, which is a game-changer.” 
And one more...
“I was tired of looking up random solutions for PE, and I was frustrated with my overall situation. When I signed up for Come When You Want, it was so great to suddenly experience what sex is really like.”
I have more but you get the picture. Come When You Want works.
So here’s the plan:
Just watch the videos, there are 6 main modules where I personally lead you through each step.

Some of the exercises I’ll encourage you to do by yourself.

Others, you can have some fun with a partner, if you want.

The exercises are easy. They’re not hard. They’re enjoyable.

All I ask is to just watch the videos and do the exercises.

Do them as if each was a little game you play with yourself.

As you progress through each module, you may notice something amazing.

Your Ability To Control Your Erections, 
Your Ejaculation, Your Ability To Last... INCREASES
Sometimes it happens in one big dramatic breakthrough “Aha!” moment. 

Where afterwards you just smile to yourself inside, knowing that decades of premature ejaculation experiences are history.

Other times, your results happen incrementally.

Just follow my six modules of instruction in the privacy of your home and you’ll see.

Then you’ll know.
Premature ejaculation and all the haunting feelings and emotions that go with it, vanish. Disappear.
Never to return.

Replaced with the self-satisfaction and confidence knowing you can please even the most beautiful of women.
Now, let me share something with you...
It shocked me when it happened.

Not everybody wants this information out there.

Pharmaceutical companies, developers of premature ejaculation medications and supplement providers don’t want this method getting onto the market.
They’re trying to suppress my life’s work.
It’s aggravating to me. I have so much I want to give, but they’re trying to censor me.

So I encourage you not to wait, and to get Come When You Want now.

You can start realizing the sexual, emotional and mental benefits as soon as tonight.

It’s frustrating but as a result of all the drama, I’ve had to limit how many guys I can help this way.

So if you’re on this page, watching this video right now, you have a limited-time opportunity to sign-up for instant access to the Come When You Want program.

I encourage you, don’t let this opportunity pass.

Despite all the setbacks and challenges, I’m so blessed to have found my mission in life. 

Helping guys like David as well as thousands of others overcome this paralyzing sexual condition.

Premature ejaculation can not just be overcome, can not just be handled... it can disappear, never to be seen again.

Come When You Want is my life’s work and you can have instant access to it now.

If you were to see me privately... and many men do... you could expect to pay several thousand dollars in sessions for what you’ll discover in Come When You Want.

If you were prescribed expensive medications every month to mask the problem, you could expect to pay at least $200 a month and have to pay that indefinitely.

I think it’s a waste of money.

Because you’d still not experience true penetration and sexual ecstasy with a woman.

How can you do that if your manhood is numb?

You can’t. It’s impossible.

But to me, that’s not the biggest cost.

The biggest cost of inaction is your mental, emotional and sexual health.

And if your girlfriend or wife were listening? They’d say the biggest cost is the quality of your relationship.

Think about it this way...

If you don’t get this problem dealt with... if you don’t get this permanently addressed... there’s the very real possibility you're going to lose everything.

I’ve seen it happen.

That’s why my Come When You Want program is the ONLY real solution to the problem of premature ejaculation.

You owe to you and your partner or partners to get it handled now.

Come When You Want is not only the only viable solution, it’s normally $297. Which is a bargain.

But right now, as part of my wanting to get this program into the hands of as many men as possible, you can get it for just the low, low price you see below.

If you think about it, that’s less than two weeks’ supply of medication.

So go ahead, and click the button below now while the program is still available.
What You're Going to Get Today:
  • Come When You Want Masterclass: Total control for Total Freedom ($497)
  • Talking to Women about Stamina: What she does can HELP or HURT you, this video will show her how to help ($197)
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Limited Time Pricing $791
Just $87 Today
Together, let’s get you on the road to reclaiming your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

You’re going to be able to look her in her eyes, see the love and longing, and then have your way with her.

After you click through the button, you’ll be taken to our secure ordering page where you can enter your payment details.
Once your order has been processed, you’ll be emailed a payment confirmation.

And you’ll be taken to our program portal where you’ll be able to watch the videos and bonuses from your desktop, laptop or even mobile phone.

When you sign-up now, in addition to the full Come When Your Want program, I’ll give you two more valuable bonuses to ensure the sex you’ll have will be the best sex of your life.

FREE BONUS #1: “How To Talk To Women About Stamina”

In this two-video bonus, I explain exactly how to talk to your woman about sexual stamina, when to talk to her and what to expect.

And most important, how to make her your teammate in your journey.

As you already know, premature ejaculation is a sensitive subject. 

One that could go sideways fast just by using the wrong words.

It pays to watch the video to know exactly how to approach the subject with your girlfriend or wife.

The video’s a game changer, because now you have a true partner, someone who understands the situation and wants to help. 

Because it’s in both of your best interests.

Normally, How to Talk to Women About Stamina is priced at $197. 

I’ve been told it’s worth two or three times that. 

FREE BONUS #2: The SIX Most Common Mistakes You're Making DURING Sex and How to AVOID Them.”

When it comes to sex, there are some mistakes you make and you know about them and do better the next time.

Then there are the mistakes you’re making and you DON’T know about them. 

You’re not told, so you keep on making them night after night--while your woman is just enduring.

In this video, I show you exactly what to do in the heat of the moment, even when you think it's too late and you're going to go over the edge. 

Normally, this video is $97. But when you order now, it’s yours as my FREE gift.
What You're Going to Get Today:
  • Come When You Want Masterclass: Total control for Total Freedom ($497)
  • Talking to Women about Stamina: What she does can HELP or HURT you, this video will show her how to help ($197)
  • What to Avoid Videos: Don't make this Common mistakes! ($97)
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Just $87 Today
100% Ironclad 90-Day
Money Back Guarantee
There’s no doubt in my mind, Come When You Want is the best and only way to tackle premature ejaculation so that you and your partner can experience the joys of sexual ecstasy together.

But let’s say it doesn’t work for you. 

Let’s say you watched videos, did the exercises, and you’re no better off than before.

First of all, after helping thousands of guys, and receiving hundreds of testimonials, I doubt that will happen.

But let’s say you’re a unique case and even after giving it a fair shot, it doesn’t help.

The short answer is you get your money back. Every cent. No questions, no quibbling.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You get your money back if you’re not satisfied. For whatever reason. 

Of course, you also get your money back if my methods don’t work for you.

And the most important thing is you get your money back if your premature ejaculation problem doesn’t completely go away.

You have 90 days to try the program, to test drive it, to see if it doesn’t do everything I say it will.

It’s more than enough time.

As I’ve said previously, you should start seeing results immediately.

The only thing that gives me this level of confidence is knowing my Come When You Want program WORKS.

It’s worked for thousands of guys and it’ll work for you, too.

So go ahead and click the button below and secure your copy of Come When You Want.
You’ve Suffered Long Enough. 
It’s Time To Put Premature Ejaculation Behind You...
So right now, it all comes down to basically two choices.

You can either continue to silently suffer, knowing everything that comes with it. 

The loneliness. The rejection. The embarrassment. The obsessive worry. And the shame.

And don’t forget, your lady is suffering, too.

Or you can at least try my Come When You Want program and see if it works for you.

Again, it’s guaranteed. You have nothing to lose for trying.
  • Don’t you at least deserve the chance to get to the root cause of your problem?
  • Don’t you at least deserve a chance to experience a great sex life with a beautiful woman?
  • Doesn’t the woman in your life deserve the chance?
Only you can answer that question.

I think you know the answer.

If you’re at all like any of the guys I’ve helped before, you’ll look back on this as one of the best decisions of your life.

I don’t know how else to say this, but if you’re suffering, then you’re missing out.

And you shouldn’t be.

You’re missing out on all the fun, the joy, the passion, and connection.

The love.
I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this page up, so I strongly encourage you not to hesitate, not to delay.
This matter is just too important to be left to chance, right?

Only you know what it’s like to be held back from experiencing true sexual intimacy with a woman.

Only you know what it’s like to experience overwhelming anxiety, fear and embarrassment.

Moments from now, you can put it all behind you forever.

A future full of sexual adventure, connection and love awaits you. 

You CAN get hard, stay hard and come when you want.

You can last until she’s ready... until you’re ready... until you’re both ready.

I strongly encourage you, take advantage of the opportunity... the special pricing... and the valuable bonuses by clicking the button below.

So thank you for watching.

I hope I’ve given you some insight into your problem, and the solution that’s guaranteed to make premature ejaculation disappear.

I’ve made it my life’s work to help men. Men like you.

The rest is up to you. Go ahead and click the button below now and let’s get started, shall we?

This is Caitlin V and I’ll see you in the private members area.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes “Come When You Want” different?
Come When You Want is guaranteed the best and the only way to treat premature ejaculation.

It’s based on my work privately with hundreds of men, all ages, all walks of life.

For instance:

There was this 28-year old guy... had porn-induced PE. He had a girlfriend but they had the worst ever sex and she left him. After working with me, he started getting approached and picked up by women. Purely because he was radiating confidence and lost his shame of ED. In fact, one time an Uber driver took him home and fucked him! His roommate seduced him. He became a MAGNET.

Then there was this guy, he had a wife.... they were trying to get pregnant... but he was TOO SCARED AND ASHAMED to have sex with her! 

After seeing me, they are now pregnant.

Then there was this New England Firefighter... manly man... got divorced because of his PE. After seeing me, he found his 'tribe' at a Disney Club! He would hook up with the hot chicks at Disneyland. Bizarre but kinda cool, right?

Then, another gentleman... he was so nervous and ashamed he would IGNORE the fact he just came too early! 

He saw me for coaching and LOST HIS SHAME about ejaculating too soon. He broke up with girlfriend and now he’s with somebody he wants to be with.

One guy I worked with was in 7-year SEXLESS relationship. In his twenties. Struggled with PE since he was 14. Girlfriend cheated on him and he knew it... they never had sex... He meditated, he worked out, he became CEO of his company but... NO SEX. When he was about to ejaculate, he always felt pressure, like it was hot potato he had to get rid of. He learned to release this pressure into pleasure + energy. He split up with his cheating girlfriend and now he is also a MAGNET to other women because of his confidence.

Like I said, I have so many stories...

My program is also product of 20 years of scientific research and investigation into one of the most emotionally crippling conditions a man could have.

No other product on the market can boast of that kind of research.

And it’s different because it’s 100% natural. No medications, injections, creams or supplements required.

It’s different because it’s a method that’s worked for hundreds of men. It’s guaranteed to work.

Try getting refund on expensive medication. You can’t.

But you can from me.
Is your course just about focusing on something other than penetration? Like staring at the closet?
No. Absolutely.

It’s funny but everybody recommends that but actually that doesn’t work.

What does work is Come When You Want.

Here’s what Tyler had to say about it:

“I had no sexual confidence at all, which led to a horrible PE problem. I tried all the usual suspects, usually relying on staring at particular bedroom furniture. After getting Come When You Want, I soon developed the confidence and ability to perform the way I always dreamed of. Caitlin truly helped me achieve my goals. Everything she said worked. She changed my life.”
Will this help me if I’m addicted to porn?
Porn addiction is can definitely be one of the enablers of premature ejaculation.

I’ve come up against it time and again.

That’s why Come When You Want definitely helps you address the situation even if you are dealing with porn addiction.

Here’s what one gentleman had to say:

“Porn was a major part of my life. It still is but not as much. I’ve discovered with Come When You Want, the more I have real sex, the less I want porn.”
What if I can’t get it up?
Well, ruling out a medical condition, the most likely reason is performance anxiety.

There’s embarrassment. And shame. And fear of rejection.

Come When You Want can help with all that.

Here’s what one man from Toronto said:

“I’m excited to say my performance anxiety is history. My girl is seeing me with a new attitude.”

So go ahead now and click the button below.
What if I’m taking medication?
I would encourage you to talk to your doctor to see if you’re healthy enough for sex.

If you’re good to go, my methods are 100% natural and will work for you.

And they’re safer than anything else on the market.
Is it true that premature ejaculation has to do with how much sex I’ve had or how much masturbation I’ve done?
Absolutely not.

These are just myths. Started by people who don’t understand the science.

And what I hate is that they’re trying to blame you for your condition.

Listen, you didn’t cause your own condition. But you can make it disappear.

Just watch the videos and do the exercises.
How long does it take for your method to work?
When you watch the videos and do the exercises you can stop premature ejaculation immediately. 

And start having amazing sex as soon as tonight.

But the real question is how long are you going to put up with premature ejaculation? How long is your partner going to put up with it?

That’s why I encourage you to click the button below now before it’s too late.
Is it easy to follow? And is it easy to do the exercises?
One of the things I discovered when first working with clients was that they wouldn’t do the work if the exercises were long, or if they were hard.

That forced me to simplify everything I was doing.

Once I did that my clients’ results shot way up. 

They were elated and I was over the moon, because now I knew the methods worked when the exercises were performed.
I’m concerned about my privacy. How private will this purchase be?
I totally understand.

After years of private work, I appreciate the concerns for confidentiality 100%.

That’s why everything is private and no one will know what your transaction is all about.
Are you really going to give me my money back if this doesn’t work?
The short answer is yes.

Plain and simple, when you order right now, you have 90 full days to try everything out and decide if it was worth the purchase.

There’s nothing to hold you back. It’s 100% risk free.

Go ahead and click the button below now.
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