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  • How to be her “Legendary Lover” in bed (even if you’re a virgin, just met, or have a broken marriage).
  • Scared she’ll cheat on you? Use this method to eliminate even the BIGGEST temptation. (Warning: She’ll become addicted to you even if you’ve prematurely ejaculated every time.) 
  • ​Why virgins make the best lovers (and how you can be one too without changing your religion).
  • ​The “Jurassic Park” trick to getting the best angles, penetration, and strokes.
  • ​What NEVER to do in bed. Doing one thing tells her you’re giving her permission to find someone else to satisfy her needs… even if you’re soul mates.

Module 2

  • Why Google Calendar can become your ultimate sex toy.
  • ​How to be the “Pleasure Conductor” to have her toes curl, eyes roll back, back-scratching, and screaming.
  • ​What you must do before “knife play”.
  • ​The 5 erotic blueprints that quickly make any women drip. These blueprints are referred to as the secret key to unlocking her most body convulsing orgasms. (PLUS, how to be bilingual or even trilingual in the bedroom.)
  • ​The secret TRUTH behind a clean mirror. This one secret will have her ready to pounce on you like a tiger and call you “Tiger King”.

Module 3

  • The “come here motion” to hit her G-spot every time. It’s not even fair how easy this is. In 45 seconds or less, you’ll have her begging for you to be inside of her.
  • Don’t want to catch an STD or get her pregnant? Avoid this lube at all costs because it acts like acid to condoms.
  • Why vibrators don’t threaten your manhood. In fact, you should take it as a compliment because it means she wants a deeper connection with you. (To deepen that connection, use the “vibrator-tongue” trick to have her scream in ecstasy.)
  • How to easily have her pull you deeper inside of her.
  • Use the “3 swirls” trick to make her feel like she’s riding a rollercoaster. (Each swirl will make her more and more sensitive.)

Module 4

  • The lazy way to make her climax (no hip thrusting, or finger flicking required). Your “laziness” will have her bragging to her friend about you!
  • ​99% of pornstars don’t know the lost secret art of surfing the “pleasure wave”. But you will, by using this simple trick.
  • Why you must take your shoes off before rushing to the “dinner table”. (I’d rather get mauled by a bear than have this happen again!)
  • Do you have an anal-friendly penis? 
  • Have her register on the Richter Scale without slamming into her like a jackhammer.

Module 5

  • Become her “drug of choice” by whispering this 7-word phrase (Hint: it’s not dirty talk.)
  • Why you must be a soccer mom after sex to leave her craving you even more. NO MINIVAN REQUIRED.
  • How to speak to your partner after sex and have her become intoxicated by you.
  • She’ll drip like a dam that’s about to burst open if you send this one text message. (Time-sensitive: You MUST send this within 24 hours after sex.)
  • The “Aftercare Seduction Loop” you must always be aware of. This under-the-radar loop often gets tossed to the wind. It’s the real reason why divorces and break-ups happen.
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